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Voz de las Víctimas

ASU's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law received a grant of $2.8 million from the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Mexico. This grant is funding a joint project with Monterrey Tech to help Mexico transition to a more transparent and effective judicial system. The objective is to strengthen the Justice System through trainings in oral litigation competencies, focused on the victims. This project is to be implemented in three years.

During this project's first year of implementation, the team has achieved significant progress toward their goals. They have trained 25 law students, 39 professors, 86 public administrators, and 32 civil society members. They established the first of five clinics in campus Puebla, 15 Tec law professors participated in the first faculty exchanged, held in Phoenix. The team conducted three trainings for 70 participants, held one annual conference, and 26 outreach events. The goal is to establish five clinics in the Monterrey Tech campuses of Puebla, Toluca, Monterrey, Chihuahua, and Mexico City.

ASU Program Owner(s)

Evelyn Cruz
Clinical Professor of Law, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Bio: https://isearch.asu.edu/profile/833419

Mexican Program Partner(s)

Doreen Vordran
Directora de Fortalecimiento de Gobiernos Locales
Escuela de Gobierno y Transformación Pública
Tecnológico de Monterrey