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US Green Building Practices (Sonora Norte Campus)

In December 2015 Dr. Harvey Bryan from ASU went to Monterrey Tech, Campus Sonora Norte to give a training in sustainability to professors from this campus. The training was called US Green Building Practices and it talked about sustainability issues in buildings in the US and regulations and guidelines in the US. It also talked about energy consumption in the world and allowed the professors at Monterrey Tech to share their experiences and compared them to those they heard. The goal of Monterrey Tech is to have all the architect professors certified in sustainable design so they can pass this along to their students.

ASU Program Owner(s)

Harvey Bryan
Professor, The Design School
Bio: https://webapp4.asu.edu/directory/person/231090

Mexican Program Partner(s)

Diana Mendoza
Departamento de Desarrollo Académico y Capacitación
Tecnológico de Monterrey

Alejandra Moreno
Directora del Departamento de Arquitectura
Tecnológico de Monterrey

Myrta Rodríguez
Directora de Ingeniería Industrial
Tecnológico de Monterrey