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SolarSPELL (Monterrey Campus)

The ASU SolarSPELL initiative serves unconnected schools and communities around the world by providing an education-focused, ultra-portable offline digital library. No external electricity, internet, or data is required for operation. SolarSPELL prepares teachers and students, many being first-time technology users, to actively improve their educational outcomes — without the need for costly, long-term infrastructure improvements by matching the technology with locally-based trainers consisting of local teachers, health care workers, and Peace Corps volunteers who can support the necessary development of internet-ready, 21st-century skills.

Because student success is central to the SolarSPELL mission, the initiative provides ASU students opportunities to engage globally, behave entrepreneurially, carry out real-world work with purpose and impact, and transform society, through classes, capstones, or internships.

To date, there are 365 SolarSPELL digital libraries in the Pacific Islands and East Africa, and in the next two years, SolarSPELL plans to implement 500+ libraries and expand to new locations, including Mexico and other countries in Latin America.

Learn more about the work the SolarSPELL initiative has been doing at the blog here.

ASU Program Owner(s)

Laura Hosman
Co-Founder and Director
Bio: meetourteam

Bruce Baikie
Co-Founder and Tech Advisor
Bio: https://solarspell.org/meetourteam

Stephanie Petersen
Project Manager
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Learn more at solarspell.org or by watching the video:

Mexican Program Partner(s)

Dra. Marcela Georgina Gómez Zermeño 
Profesora-investigadora de la Escuela de Humanidades y Educación
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey campus
Bio: https://research.tec.mx/vivo-tec/display/PID_32813e: 

Dra. Lorena Alemán de la Garza
Profesora-investigadora de la Escuela de Humanidades y Educación
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey campus
Bio: https://research.tec.mx/vivo-tec/display/PID_75757