The objective

To increase access to higher education at ASU, to interested DREAMers and other bilingual English-Spanish students, while offering them an international and intercultural experience at select Mexican universities. 


Who is eligible?

Currently enrolled ASU undergraduate students, both immersive and online.

What is it?

Acceso ASU allows students to take online courses included in the ASU’s Transfer Guideoffered by select Mexican university partners. While enrolled at a Mexican university, students pay that university’s tuition and can benefit from different tuition rates. Mexican partners’ tuition starts from approximately $150 USD per course. 

Once students successfully pass courses at the Mexican university partners, they can submit their transcript to ASU to have credits evaluated for transfer to their ASU program.


How does it work?

Students are encouraged to consult their academic advisors to identify which courses included in the ASU’s Transfer Guide, offered by Acceso ASU’s Mexican partners, are suitable for transfer to their specific program. A list of advisors is available here.

For course descriptions offered by Mexican partners, not provided in the ASU’s Transfer Guide, please visit this PDF icon link for Tecmilenio and this PDF icon link for UNITEC.

In addition to the potential economic benefit, students can:

1. Practice Spanish language skills through academic immersion

2. Enrich their academic experience with an international focus

3. Earn an acknowledgement of international experience, upon taking three online courses with a university partner

How do I search for courses offered by the participating Mexican universities?

To search for course equivalencies, access the ASU’s Transfer Guide and select “International” for the institution type, then enter “Mexico” for the country, and enter the name of the university partner:

  • University of Guadalajara (UdeG)
  • Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC)
  • Universidad Tecmilenio

What types of courses have been evaluated for the Acceso program?


The courses evaluated for the Acceso program include undergraduate online courses that transfer to ASU elective, department elective, general studies, and/or direct equivalency:

  • University of Guadalajara’s subjects include: organization management, educational development, cultural management, digital journalism, technologies and information, citizen security, librarianship and knowledge management.
  • Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC)’s subjects include: business administration, public accounting, law (BA), marketing, pedagogy, international business, animation and digital design, psychology, industrial engineering and administration, software and network engineering.
  • Universidad Tecmilenio’s subjects include: administrative computing engineering, administration, law (BA), publicity and marketing, industrial and systems engineering, international business and trade, education and development, business psychology.

Information about our Mexican university-partners


tecnologico de monterrey logo

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) is a private, not-for-profit, world-renowned university in Mexico. It has 26 campuses throughout Mexico, and more than 90,000 students that attend its high school, undergraduate and graduate programs. 

It is a world pioneer on virtual education, which it launched in 1989.  

Among other accreditations, ITESM is affiliated to the Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools (SACS), recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. 

* The program with Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) is managed by the Global Education office as a special virtual exchange opportunity. For more info visit: 


Additional Information :

Universidad Tecmilenio

Universidad Tecmilenio is a private university, founded in 2002, as part of the Tecnológico de Monterrey System.  It currently has 32 campuses located in 18 states of Mexico and Tecmilenio Online.  It offers high school programs, 28 undergraduate programs, 8 executive programs, and 9 master’s programs. Tecmilenio serves over 56,000 students.

A distinctive element of Tecmilenio’s education model is the emphasis on students’ long-term well-being, based on Positive Psychology.

How to apply:

Miriam Sillero:

The Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC)

The Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC) is a private university owned by Laureate located in Mexico City, and in the states of Guanajuato, Jalisco, México and Querétaro. UNITEC has more than 50 years of experience delivering high school and higher education. UNITEC serves over 90,000 students.

How to apply:

Mauricio Monroy Eligio:

Universidad de Guadalajara logo

Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG)

Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG) is the second largest public Mexican university. It serves more than 280,200 students. It is a renowned university based in the state of Jalisco. UdeG's Virtual University offers undergraduate and graduate programs.


Additional Information:

Spanish Language Resources

Our university-partners offer most of their courses in Spanish. Interested students are encouraged to take Spanish language courses and identify tutoring resources to ensure academic success as part of this transfer program. Below are some available resources.

For more information about Acceso ASU email: 
Flor Derat, MBA.
Executive Administrative Support Specialist
Mexico and Latin America Initiatives
ASU, Office of University Affairs

ASU contact:
Paola Garcia Hidalgo, M.PAff.
Director, Mexico and Latin America Initiatives
ASU, Office of University Affairs


Becas CONACYT para estudios de doctorado en el extranjero

Arizona State University and CONACYT Doctoral Fellowships

The Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT) signed an agreement with Arizona State University in 2015 to accomplish two purposes:

Please note, new fellows are not currently being accepted under this agreement.

  1. Provide up to 30 fellowships each year to Mexican students regularly admitted to and enrolled in PhD programs at ASU. Every year, CONACYT publishes a request for applications (RFA) (see details below). Individuals admitted to ASU doctoral programs apply for financial support to CONACYT headquarters or to CONACYT branches in various Mexican states. RFAs specify how to apply and identify the target disciplines/programs eligible for these fellowships.
  2. Support a visiting scholar program from Mexico and ASU.  

Becas Arizona-Sonora

Arizona-Sonora scholarship opportunities

Arizona-Sonora Scholarship Opportunities

The Governments of the States of Arizona and Sonora, in the framework of the Arizona-Mexico Commission, have established a scholarship program for students of these two states. A limited number of Sonoran students can come to study at Arizona higher education institutions, paying the Arizona resident tuition rate, under this program called Programa de Estudiantes Sonorenses con Beneficio de Pago como Residentes en Arizona (PROBEP).

Arizona State University participates in this program and maintains up to 20 spaces per year available for Sonoran students to study as this program’s scholars. Interested students must be admitted at ASU and apply at the Comisión Sonora-Arizona for this resident rate tuition program.

Note: We include this information on the PROBEP program, as it is available to ASU students. However, interested students should contact directly the managers of this program at the Government of the State of Sonora.

For more information contact: