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International Postdoctoral Researchers (Monterrey Campus)

Two positions were opened to strengthen collaboration and research development between ASU and Monterrey Tech. Dr. Gibrán Alemán from Mexico and Rashmi Chandra from India, will focus their research on fields of microalgae biotechnology for food, fuels, and pharmaceuticals production. These researchers will have short stays in both universities to support research groups at both universities. They have a strong background and publications on microalgae research, with experience from different international stays. Researchers will be in charge of new proposals in order to fund research projects not just between ASU and Monterrey Tech, but with other international partners.

ASU program owner
Dr. Bruce E. Rittmann
Director, Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology in the Biodesign Institute and Regents’ Professor of Environmental Engineering
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Mexican partner information
Dr. Roberto Parra Saldivar
Profesor Investigador, Centro de Biotecnología FEMSA
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey