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Distinguished Visiting Professor Collaboration (Monterrey Campus)

In order to accelerate research collaboration between the Monterrey Tech's Biotecnology Center FEMSA and ASU's Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Monterrey Tech set up a Distinguished Visiting Professor Collaboration with Dr. Bruce Rittmann.  For a period of at least three years, Monterrey Tech will fund the salaries, research funds, and travel funds for two post-doctoral associates who will work jointly with Dr. Bruce Rittmann and Dr. Roberto Parra of the Biotecnology Center FEMSA. The initial focus of the collaboration is microalgae science and technology.

ASU Program Owner(s)

Bruce E. Rittmann
Director, Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology in the Biodesign Institute
Regents’ Professor of Environmental Engineering

Mexican Program Partner(s)
Roberto Parra Saldivar
Profesor Investigador, Centro de Biotecnología FEMSA
Tecnológico de Monterrey