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ASU’s Teotihuacan Research Laboratory

The ASU-managed facility at Teotihuacan provides a space for teams of students and researchers to study one of the largest cities in the ancient world. The lab stores artifacts from some of the major archaeological fieldwork projects at Teotihuacan and was the setting for some of the major breakthroughs in our understanding of the ancient city.

Unlike many archaeological sites, Teotihuacan is not buried deep under modern settlements; this provides a unique opportunity to perform excavations and explore the lives of its residents. We recognize the importance of the past for the outcome of the future and use our discoveries to study topics relevant to modern societies, such as alternative governmental systems, how cities rise and fall, and the ways that religious and economic practices change over time.

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ASU Program Owner(s)

Michael E. Smith
Professor and Director, Teotihuacan Research Laboratory
Bio: https://shesc.asu.edu/people/michael-e-smith
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Additional ASU faculty conducting archeology research in Mexico

Ben Nelson
Professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change

Christopher Morehart
Associate Professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change

Angela Huster
Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Human Evolution and Social Change

Marion Forest
Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Human Evolution and Social Change